Bricklight Dive

Bricklight Dive

Best Dive in the 505!

bricklight DIVE
Fast-Casual with a Twist.

Bricklight Dive is a Fast-Casual dining experience in its quick ordering and creative, organic, single-serving menu items, but unique in its large selection of locally crafted draft beers, wines and champagne cocktails, along with a fun, entertaining environment.

As you approach the restaurant, Bricklight Dive’s sign says “Pizzettas, Bruschettas and Porchettas.” Sounds intriguing… it turns out their “Pizzettas” are individual sized, Neapolitan thin-crust pizzas topped with artisan, gourmet ingredients. One Pizzetta offered,“The DIVE,” is topped with fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, wild mushrooms, roasted red peppers, crispy pancetta and truffle oil. Yum…

Six choices of “Bruschetta” (toasted Italian bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil) are offered. One tantalizing option is topped with a sundried-tomato-pesto with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil, and another Bruschetta has a topping of prosciutto and goat cheese with candied walnuts.

But what sets Bricklight Dive apart from the rest is the “Porchetta”, which is a domestic take on the classic Italian street food. Newly introduced to New Mexico, Porchetta is a slow-cooked, Italian pork sandwich, marinated with a homemade rub of fine Italian herbs. Bricklight Dive serves three different versions of this sandwich ranging from the “Classic Porchetta” served steaming with spicy pickled vegetables on warm Italian bread, to the “Beer-Braised Porchetta” and the “Pressed Cubano Porchetta.” Hmm… doesn’t sound very “Dive-ish.” Or does it? What exactly is a Dive?

It used to be that establishments wanted to avoid the term “Dive”. But this small but energetic restaurant located in the University of New Mexico area’s “Bricklight District is changing the meaning of the word. The “Dive” is a cozy yet eclectic haven offering while offering a diverse and unique menu of food, drink and fun. Times are changing and rules are being broken, possibly due to popularity of shows such as Guy Fieri’s, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” having such success on the Food Network.

Bricklight Dive’s goal is to offer anyone associated with the University, the neighborhood, and New Mexicans in general a place to enjoy a bite and a cold beverage with a friendly price in a unique atmosphere. Whether dining in the urban style, wrap-around patio or in the fun and funky interior with wood block chessboard tables, patrons will enjoy a selection of entertainment on flat screen TV’s, a Jukebox, chalkboard art and a whole wall of locally crafted beers on tap.

Bricklight Dive won’t break the bank either. Everything on the menu is $5 or less and the draft beer selection is offered at $2.50 a pint at all times. Additionally, Bricklight Dive will give back a share of their profits to local causes while supporting local distributers by using local ingredients and local craft beers.

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