Injury & Trauma

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My name is Tyler Burbank and I am a chiropractor. I Graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon in 1992 with honors (Cum Laude). I have owned and operated clinics in Louisiana, British Columbia, Washington and New Mexico. I am a dual Canadian/American citizen. I have spent my career treating neck and back soft tissue injuries. I love fishing. I played soccer in college and still love the game. I moved to New Mexico in 2007 and truly enjoy living here.

My practice philosophy can be summed up in these few words, “no nonsense injury care”. I treat neck and back pain primarily. I also have knowledge in nutritional counseling. When you come to my office you will not hear a sales pitch. I will tell you the truth. If I can’t help you, I will tell you. Then, I will try to find someone who can help you. Treating people who are in pain has taught me, above all else, empathy and caring. The techniques I use include ultrasound, spinal manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, spinal decompression (using some very specialized equipment) and electrotherapy. If there is a non invasive way to treat neck and back pain, I will find it and practice it to the benefit of my patients. In general I am a man of few words and am shy about announcing my credentials to the world. My work speaks for itself. I invite you to my office to help you determine for yourself the value of my services.