Kokoro Japanese Restaurant

Kokoro Japanese Restaurant


Takako Kimura is from Niigata, Japan, a rural western city along the western coast. This area of Japan is well known for the freshest of produce and high quality rice. Growing up in this environment Takako fell in love with cooking.

Attending one of the best culinary schools in Tokyo and finishing her studies at the culinary institute, she worked and trained at some of Tokyo’s elite restaurants working under many great chefs.

Coming to the states in the early 90’s, she worked at Japanese restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida to western regions of America. Coming to Albuquerque she felt that this city was in need of a genuine Japanese Restaurant that offered authentic dishes.

She started Kokoro Japanese restaurant with the intention of bringing heart or “kokoro” of Japanese cuisine to the people of Albuquerque.

Kokoro is truly family run business where all family members join together to bring you the authentic experience.We are located between San Mateo & San Pedro on the south side of the street.